Are you ready to take your Energy Enthusiasm NEXT LEVEL?

Are you tried of buying countless programs, packages, or MP3s instead of learning how to hone your own gifts?

Everyone has the ability to be a Lightworker and direct energy for healing, clearing harmful or toxic energies, aligning harmonic future timelines, or creating more abundance...they are just dormant.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to allow your gifts to surface to realize your True Sight of Self, so YOU too can LIVE ON PURPOSE WITH PASSION WHILE THRIVING FROM ANYWHERE!

Energy is EVERYTHING...Knowing HOW to align your energy into your GOALS is the key to graceful SUCCESS. Watch your abundance grow into 5 Figures...6 Figures...7 Figures...

With FLOW not Force.

Are you creating your best life?

Are you sensitive to people and the energy around you?

Would you like to discover your abilities?

Are you a Lightworker that is ready to take your gifts professional?

Many people are natural energy workers, but have not been taught what it means or how to become aware of their natural abilities to harness its immense power.

They will instead experience power struggles in every dynamic of their lives. They cannot understand why nothing seems to go right. Why they feel they are destined for greater things, but they can never actualize it!

This is because they have never been taught how to harness the power of their mind and heart to control their energetic output which is what creates EVERYTHING in their life!

During the Lightwalker Course, you will learn how to become aware of your unique abilities and learn how to control them so you can quickly create EXACTLY what you desire.

The best part of the Lightwalker Course? You receive lifetime access to both the Lightwalker AND Lightpreneur Course! When we add new content or updates YOU GET THEM automatically, so you do not have to keep purchasing Courses to stay current!


Course Module Quick View

Lightwalker/Lightpreneur Combo Course

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  • Plus...

Welcome Module:

  • Arx- Clearing MP3 for optimal Sacred Space Protection
  • Honoring Your Inner Child
  • BEing Sovereign
  • Passion Test
  • Creating Miracle Mornings
  • + More Videos & MP3s
  • Added Bonuses!!!
    • Course Habit Tracker
    • Course Planner
    • Course Journal
    • Course Workbook
    To Assist in your Course Success!

Module 1: Introduction to Your Divine Blueprint

  • Understanding Your Blueprint
  • Working with Your 13 Blueprint Spheres
  • 13 Blueprint Sphere Coaching Calls

Module 2: Lightworker Energy Integrity 101

  • Intro MP3
  • Blessing Water/Salt for Protection
  • Blessing Sacred Space/Baths
  • Journey Into Celestial "Judgment" MP3
  • Symbology 101

Module 3: Self Care & Habits

  • Learn how your Self-Care & Energy Management affects your Life & Readings
  • Why Self-Care & Energy Management increases your Intuition, Clarity, & True Sight
  • Why Staying at 100% helps foster a Healthy Ego and Clears False Light Agendas & Agents
  • Learn the C.H.E.C.K Method
  • Release Empathic Imbalances, Toxicity, React Responses, and Disempowered Patterning
  • BONUS: Seed Structures- EarthSeeds/StarSeeds
  • + More MP3s

Module 4: Energy 101

  • Learn the Natural Laws of Energy
  • Learn how Energy runs within the Human Body
  • Learn about Energy Structures, Polarities, Energetic Frequencies, Energy Coherence & Soul Blueprints
  • Learn the Basics of Kinesiology
  • Learn about Grounding
  • Learn about Passion Points
  • Learn Emotion & Fear Mastery
  • + More MP3s

Module 5: Understanding & Controlling Your Gifts

  • Learn about Clairs
  • Learn how to connect to your Divine Team & Source
  • Learn the Gateway of the Heart
  • Learn how to Control your 'Psychic Switch'
  • Learn about Energy Integrity
  • + More MP3s

Module 6: Sovereign Synthesis

  • 14 MP3s

Module 7: Auras & Color Therapy

  • Auras 101
  • Color Meanings & Uses
  • How to read Auras
  • Color Therapy 101

Module 8: Crystals

  • Crystals 101
  • How to use Crystals for Healing
  • How to create Crystal Grids

Module 9: Mediumship

  • Mediumship 101
  • Stages of Grief & Healing
  • Interpreting Messages from across the Veil
  • Spirits 101
  • Learn how to do a Mediumship Reading

Module 10: Past Life & Akashic Records

  • Past Lives 101
  • Cords, Binding, Seals, Vows...
  • Releasing Past Entanglements
  • Akashic Records 101
  • Accessing the Akashic Records
  • Record Keepers
  • Learn how to do Past Life & Akashic Readings

Module 11: Animals

  • Power Animals
  • Animal Totems
  • Learn your Power Animal & Totem
  • Connecting to Power Animals
  • Learn how to do Animal Readings

Plus bonus MP3s and content updates!

Module 12: Branding You

  • Discover who you are as a Brand
  • Learn how to Brand Yourself
  • Learn the Brand Pyramid

Module 13: Getting There

  • Identify your Thrive Goals
  • Create your Habit Map to Thriving
  • Create your Miracle Morning
  • Learn about Thrive Dips & how to Sail through them

Module 14: Foundation Setting

  • Learn Customer Profiles & how to Attract Them
  • Discover your Brand Platform & learn about Thrive Platforms

Module 15: Attracting the $$

  • Learn how to Attract your Thrive Tribe
  • Learn how to create Posts that Pay
  • Learn how to grow your Subscribers List quickly
  • Learn how to Build Engagement

Module 16: Sessions 101

  • Create your Session Framework
  • Session Tech Tools
  • Marketing Sessions

Module 17: Packages 101

  • Learn how to build Packages
  • Create your Package Framework
  • Package Tech Tools
  • Marketing Packages

Module 18: Courses 101

  • Learn how to build Courses
  • Create your Course Framework
  • Course Tech Tools
  • Marketing Courses

Bonus: Thrive From Anywhere

  • Zero to $20,000 in 30 Days
  • Plus bonus MP3s, MP3 Packages, and Updated Content added Frequently

"Thank you. Chameice, for all that you are doing, as well as being such a powerful inpiration and teacher for those of us in the Lightwalker course. I finally feel like I am starting to make some forward movement towards creating a new career after several years of stagnation, failure and/or fear. Each day I feel more empowered to be myself out in the world and more confident about bringing my gifts and talents to those that are ready for what I have to offer. Thank you, thank you! Your course has been a godsend for me.

Much love and many blessings to you"

- Kasey

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course is completely digital, so you can begin the course at anytime, go as fast or slow as you desire, and complete anytime.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Are refunds available if I am unhappy with the course?
30 Day Limited Refund...This course is designed to give you full support of everything you need to succeed. If you are struggling or unhappy with anything, please speak up! Active participation is required to succeed at participate in the discussions/comment sections, be on the weekly group calls, go through each module in the order listed and do all activities, and ask questions if you are struggling. If you request a refund you will need to send proof that you have actively participated by: participating in every section in the modules, send copies of module activity notes, participated on the weekly group calls, and provide proof that you requested help to succeed in the course. This is a journey deep into your sovereignty, so the first step is taking responsibility for your success here.

"The course really builds on itself (as was promised). You clear and become more conscious: about what is really going on in the world, about yourself and your immediate surroundings. In my case I move from my head/ego into my heartspace. Not totally there yet but I just let it all come to me. I read and listen to the mp3's, do my homework, let go of fears and other stuff that is not me and it feels natural. This is how it should go. It makes sense. I guess it's my intuition remembering..

From childhood horror to unhappy 25 years of marriage now stepping into my power and passion, feeling really great about myself feels like many lifes in one life. I am so greatfull. First of all that I listened to my intuition to turn to Chameice but foremost to Chameice who really knows what she is doing with full integrity and compassion. She really walks her talk."

- Maria Abrahamsz

Your Instructor

Chameice Daniel
Chameice Daniel

Chameice Daniel is a professional Intuitive Counselor that has helped thousands of people worldwide gain the clarity and confidence to become the sovereign souls they are meant to be so they can action their dreams.

She is a Multidimensional Quantum Alchemist that delights in transforming clients loops and programs (Lead) into passion and purpose (Gold).

She has been named the "Queen of Abundance" by clients and has helped CEOs, CFOs, actors, writers, and people just beginning to create their dreams manifest larger income streams, publishing contracts, realize their purpose while accessing their soul’s blueprint, and how to live on purpose with passion while thriving!

It is NOW time to reclaim your divine sovereign right to live abundantly with purpose and passion.

Get started now!